Situational Awareness

THe essence of modern warfare

BattleTac gives you essential information to make better tactical decisions and to be victorious.
Using BattleTac you will always know where your comrades are on the battlefield and what they are doing.

GPS tracking

of friendly forces

  • BattleTac provides real-time GPS tracking of combat units using standard military symbols.
  • You will see the position of friendly units on the map.
  • You can also share your in-game status (OK/Hurt/Dead/Off-Game/S.O.S) with your team.


Command & Control

  • The system helps your communication in several ways:
  • You can easily send commands to your units.
  • If you have a target, the system helps you hit it.
  • You can also send instant messages, textual commands and reports.


Custom MilSim maps

  • Create your own hand-drawn map in .kmz format and use it directly,
  • or share it with every user of BattleTac!


No special device needed

  • BattleTac runs on your mobile device and communicates over the internet.
  • You must have some signal on the field to have internet access but no need for high-speed net, EDGE is enough.
  • Your communication is secured with a security code. Only players with that code can watch your position.


Create, use and share your own custom MilSim map!

  • You can use your hand-drawn map in BattleTac, just create a .kmz file from it using Google Earth!
  • It is also possible to share your map with every BattleTac user. Shared maps are downloaded automatically to every device in that area.
  • Find more info about mapping in the documentation!

For Organizers

Control the fun

  • BattleTac gives you great control over the happenings and keeps you updated where your scenario stands. No matter what your game type is, you will never have to depend on the radio channels again.
  • For huge events BattleTac can offer special features too. Feel free to get in touch with us in case you have special needs!
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Get Help, Give Feedback

  • In case of an issue, please report it on our Facebook page or write a mail to !
  • Please rate the app, write a review or send your feature request to us - we want to know our strengths and weaknesses!

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Works also on Windows Phone devices